April 17th-19th Milky Way over Cape Lookout Lighthouse 2-Day Workshop


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Milky Way over Cape Lookout Lighthouse Workshop – 2 Nights with Up To 12 Students

Where:  Cape Lookout Lighthouse

When:   Apr 17th @ 1 pm – Apr 19th @ 3 pm, 2020

What’s Included:

2 Afternoons of Classroom Training

2 Night of Location Guiding & In-Field Instruction with 2 Instructors


Apr 18th: 14% % Illumination with Moon Rise @ 4:39 AM

Apr 19th: 8% Illumination with Moon Rise @ 5:08 AM

Maximum # of Students: 12

How Much: $850 per person

12 in stock



What to Expect:


This will be a two-night adventure with us staying on Cape Lookout National Seashore NC.  There are cabins that hold up to 8 to 12 people.  I will be booking our stay in two 8-men and women cabins, where Rob and I will do the post production class and the meet and greet.  This is a very rough cabin with bunk beds, so you will need to bring a pillow and blankets.  There is a shower that has running hot water and a gas stove.  I will be providing meals for this trip.

In the spring months, the Milky Way appears in a very low position.  In this workshop, we will take advantage of the Milky Way rising over Cape Lookout Lighthouse.  The lighthouse makes for a very compelling foreground that complements the Milky Way’s location and position through the night and into the morning.  We will meet at Davis Shore Ferry Services at 12 PM to catch a Ferry to Great Island Cabin Area with Vehicle Access to South Core Banks.  You will need a four-wheel drive once on this location.  If you don’t have four-wheel drive, I will have room to carry 3 people with me in my truck and Rob will have room for 3 people.  If anyone who does have a four-wheel drive vehicle could you volunteer with driving there.  Also, you can ride on the ferry without a vehicle.  I will have plenty of room to take everyone with me to Cape Lookout after my truck is unloaded.  Once at Harker’s Island we will hold a meet and greet at the Cottage provided by me and then go over scouting locations, phone apps to help with locating the Milky Way and post begin some post-production training.  After all the talking I know you will be ready to head out a capture the sunset at Cape Lookout.  My end goal is for you to walk away with an image that is print ready.

Things to bring:

  • DSLR Camera
  • A good tripod
  • An open ear
  • A Flashlight or headlamp
  • Jacket
  • Pillow, Blankets or sleeping bag
  • Extra Clothes
  • Gloves the night air gets cool
  • A desire to capture an amazing scene.

Where we will Meet At:

At 1 pm on the 5th of April we will meet at the ferry service in Davis, NC.  This is a vehicle transport ferry, so make sure you have a four-wheel drive to drive on Harkers Island.  You will need to have an ORV pass to drive on the island.  There is a fee to go across to South Core Banks, which is covered with your payment to the workshop.  I just ask that you double up in a vehicle since there is parking for only two cars at each cabin.  I can put people in the bed of my truck once on the island to get to the cabin if needed.

I’m excited to offer this opportunity to capture the awe of the Milky Way to my students and I hope you’ll join me.

My Workshop:

My workshop is NOT the kind of event where a tour guide just leads the group to good location.  I include a lot of instruction that features the basics all the way up to cutting edge techniques for getting the very best image quality possible.  I cover the planning & scouting side, shooting techniques, and post-processing (with post-processing being the deepest area I get into).  The one day, we will have 3 hours in the classroom and any one on one’s that anybody needs.  It doesn’t end there if you need any help after that classroom I’m available to help you.


Other Locations:

Yes, I have other great locations…  but there’s a lot more to my workshop than that.  With all the classroom content, demonstrations, open discussions, and chances to shoot your own camera with an instructor nearby, the opportunity to learn about night photography is outstanding!!