Russell Pugh was born and raised in Ohio where his passion for photography began with just a simple Kodak 110 his parents gave him. In November of 1992, he enlisted in the Navy and remained in the Navy for 23 years, until he retired from it. During his time in the Navy his passion of photography would fall to the wayside, but occasionally he would pick up the camera to capture the beauty of every subject he could.

Russell decided to follow his passion into Fine Art Landscape Photography shortly before retiring from the Navy. He graduated from the Art Institute of Virginia Beach with a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts with honors. While attending school he participated in several art shows during his time there. Now, after school he instructs Night Photography workshops and Adobe Photoshop workshops. He hopes to one day be one of the Top Landscape Photographers in the world.

Russell brings his passion for landscape and nature photography to you. Through his imagery he brings the outside world into yours, to help you see and appreciate what’s beyond your city. His commitment to you is to help bring out your adventurous side with his images, and inspire you on your own.

Russell enjoys a variety of outdoor activities, which include but are not limited to, hiking, surfing, snowboarding, night photography, climbing ridiculous steep hills, traveling, and just being awed at what mother nature brings forward to us.